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Bandella vista mare und Glockenspiel

Ein ganz besonderes Konzert im Rahmen der 800-Jahre-Feier

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Article - Bandella vista mare und Glockenspiel

Thu 26.05.2022 | 20:00 - 21:30

Ref. Kirche St.Jakob, Klosters

A unique concert awaits visitors: the new five bells of the church in interaction with a festive music on the square in front of the church tower!
The carillonneur - Eric Nünlist - prepares the church bells in such a way that he can strike them directly with cables and thus play along with the music.
The carillon is integrated into the festive and lively sound of the group "bandella vista mare". The "bandella" is the little sister of the banda, whose music used to be widespread throughout northern Italy, but now only exists in Ticino. The small brass bands were omnipresent in people's everyday lives: no village festival, no carnival and also no wedding without the music of a bandella. And sometimes they even played at a funeral.
Individual pieces are composed especially for this concert.

Eric Nünlist, Glockenspieler
Silvia Stampfli, Handbells

«Bandella vista mare» mit:
Albin Brun, Sopransaxophon, Komposition
Emanuele Delucchi, Klarinette
Benedetto Castelli, Trompete
Stefano Piazza, Horn
Daniele Giovannini, Euphonium
Andrea Norghauer, Tuba
Matteo «Peo» Mazza, Schlagzeug und Perkussion
Simone Mauri, Bassklarinette
Santo Sgrò, Perkussion und allerlei Spielzeug
Peter Zemp, Akkordeon, Komposition


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