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The Quest for Tonewood

Geigenbauer Gaspar Borchardt auf die mitreissende Suche nach dem richtigen Baum

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Article - The Quest for Tonewood

Wed 19.01.2022 | 20:00 - 21:40

Kulturschuppen Klosters

Deep in the forests of the Balkans, maple trees of inestimable value can be found, for their wood can be used to create musical instruments as unique and valuable as a Stradivarius. To realise his great dream, violin maker Gaspar Borchardt from Cremona embarks on a thrilling quest to find one of these rare trees: he wants to create the perfect instrument for the world-famous Dutch violinist Janine Jansen.
The documentary film "The Quest for Tonewood" gives an insight into the fascinating craft of instrument making and takes us on an adventurous journey. The world of classical music has never been so exciting!

Regie: Hans Lukas Hansen
Mit: Gaspar Borchardt, Janine Jansen
NO 2020, E/df, ab 8(12)J, 87 Min


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