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Renée Zellweger als Judy Garland

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Fri 24.01.2020 | 20:30 - 22:50
Fri 31.01.2020 | 20:30 - 22:50

Kulturschuppen Klosters

"Somewhere over the rainbow..." It's winter in 1968. The aged show icon Judy Garland sets off for London, where she is supposed to stage a series of sold-out concerts. 30 years have passed since she achieved her worldwide breakthrough in the musical THE WIZARD OF OZ. Her turbulent life has left its mark, but the passion for singing has remained. Although she only reluctantly separates herself from her children in the USA, now is the chance for a revived - and financially bitterly necessary - career. Their encounter with the musician Mickey turns out to be a ray of hope. But arguments with the management, unpleasant childhood memories and states of exhaustion make the 47-year-old more and more difficult. JUDY is the glamorous and shadowy biopic of one of the most successful stage artists in history.

Regie: Rupert Goold
Mit: Renée Zellweger, Finn Wittrock, Jessie Buckley
USA 2018, E/df, ab 12J, 118 Min


Ohne Ermässigung:
CHF 15.- Sitzplatz unnummeriert

Gästekarte (Klosters, Davos):
CHF 14.- Sitzplatz unnummeriert

Mitglied (KgK/KGD/La Vouta):
CHF 13.- Sitzplatz unnummeriert

Kind (bis 18 J.):
CHF 13.- Sitzplatz unnummeriert



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