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Über das schön Sein von und mit Karoline Herfurth

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Article - Wunderschön

Thu 17.02.2022 | 20:00 - 22:30

Kulturschuppen Klosters

Almost all of us are familiar with the need to emulate an ideal image. Mothers, daughters, men, the old and the young are all caught up in a permanent mania for optimisation. WUNDERSCHÖN tells their stories: There is FRAUKE, who no longer finds herself desirable "just before 60". Her daughter JULIE wants to finally make it as a model. This in turn is pursued by schoolgirl LEYLA, who is convinced that she can lead a better life with Julie's looks. Julie's sister-in-law SONJA is also struggling with her body, which is becoming the expression of a life crisis after two pregnancies. Her husband MILAN is not aware of the pressure she puts on herself as a young mother. This, in turn, comes as no great surprise to Sonja's best friend VICKY, who is convinced that women and men do not and will never meet as equals, at least not in love. WUNDERSCHÖN - a film close to life, honest and hopeful.

Regie: Karoline Herfurth
Mit: Nora Tschirner, Martina Gedeck, Emilia Schüle,
D 2021, Deutsch, ab 10(12)J, 132 Min


Ohne Ermässigung:
CHF 15.- Sitzplatz unnummeriert

Gästekarte (Klosters, Davos):
CHF 14.- Sitzplatz unnummeriert

Mitglied (KgK/KPD/La Vouta):
CHF 13.- Sitzplatz unnummeriert

Kind (bis 18 J.):
CHF 13.- Sitzplatz unnummeriert



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