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Wanda, mein Wunder

Schweizer Komödie von Bettina Oberli

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Article - Wanda, mein Wunder

Fri 18.06.2021 | 20:30 - 22:40
Fri 25.06.2021 | 20:30 - 22:40

Kulturschuppen Klosters

For the wealthy Wegmeister-Gloor family, it was clear after the stroke of the elderly head of the family: Josef would not be admitted to a nursing home. That would be far too unkind. So the young Polish woman Wanda is hired to look after him around the clock in the family home by the lake.

The work is poorly paid, but Wanda needs the money for her own family in Poland. Since they all live under one roof, Wanda gets an intimate glimpse into the Wegmeister-Gloors' family life. So intimate, in fact, that Wanda unexpectedly becomes pregnant. By Josef.

The family reacts in horror. The rigid structures that have always defined their lives begin to crumble. Conflicts erupt, accusations are raised. And yet, in this emotional chaos, everyone also comes closer again.

Director Bettina Oberli takes a surprising and refreshing look behind the façade of a wealthy Swiss family, making us laugh and holding up a mirror at the same time. "Wanda, my miracle" is a film like life itself: full of intense moments - sometimes sad and angry, then funny and filled with joy.

Regie: Bettina Oberli (Die Herbstzeitlosen)
Mit: Agnieszka Grochowska, Marthe Keller, André Jung, Birgit Minichmayr, Jacob Matschenz, Anatole Taubman
CH 2020, Deutsch, ab 12 J., 110 Min


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CHF 13.- Sitzplatz nummeriert

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