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Article - Veri

Sat 31.10.2020 | 20:00 - 22:00

Kulturschuppen Klosters

Man, Ü50 and English by hearsay only: Veri lives in the job hazard zone. He has to go to office to determine his employability (EAF). So he needs to find out whether he's already out of his depth or whether he can make the leap from dial and typewriter to industry 4.0 and virtual reality. Without a master's degree, Veri outwits Chinese surveillance drones, warns of networked espionage toilets and tames the nursing robot in the nursing home.

For the boys today there is the curriculum 21. And quarrel. Whether in arithmetic Vreneli should now travel with Hansli from A to B or with Mustafa from Libya to Lampedusa. And whether skiing, national anthem singing or Jassen from the 3rd class becomes obligatory.

UniVerity: Veri's cabaret answer to gaps in education, lack of skilled workers and pisa studies. Not always politically correct. But funny and träf.

The artist: Thomas Lötscher was born in Entlebuch on a hot summer day during the Cold War in 1960. For the midwife it's simply a buzz, for the statistics a babyboomer. Despite trauma from recorder lessons, he later earned several diplomas: craft, trade, business informatics, organisation and cultural management. As an independent management consultant, he finally realized that the transition from an internal bank project meeting to cabaret was fluid.


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