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Unser Vater - mit Podiumsdiskussion

Die Kinder des Toni Ebnöther, Saas

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Article - Unser Vater - mit Podiumsdiskussion

Fri 16.06.2023 | 19:30 - 20:40

Kulturschuppen Klosters

Toni Ebnöther, an attractive Catholic priest, impregnates several women in the Swiss province of the 1950s until the bishop revokes his priesthood. Toni buys the small hotel "Sunneschy" in Saas, has more offspring and dies a respected innkeeper. The six children only get to know each other after Toni's funeral. They talk about their fatherless youth, their brave mothers and the fatal silence they now want to break.
Afterwards, the director Miklos Gimes, protagonist Lisbeth Binder and the prevention officer of the diocese of Chur Karin Iten will discuss the film. The discussion will be moderated by Jöri Schwärzel.

Regie: Miklos Gimes
Mit: Lisbeth Binder, Monika Gisler, Adi Meier, Daniela Mühlematter, Christine Meier, Toni Meier
CH 2023, Dialekt, ab 14J, 73 Min


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