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Article - Trojka – russisch-schweizerische Liaison

Fri 10.04.2020 | 23:00 - 23:55

Kaffee Klatsch Lounge Klosters

Two Russian Swiss and one Swiss cultivate musicality and refer to the originals in different styles. The group "Trojka" picks up Russian and European songs and complements them with ingredients from their musical homelands. For 15 years the musicians of "Trojka" have been researching Swiss folk music in particular. With their unerring intuition they have discovered numerous musical affinities between Russia and Switzerland, which they also continue on the linguistic level, for example when the Russian folk song "Wetscherni Zwon" (evening bell) in Swiss dialect becomes "Mir gönd i'd Schwämm".
The troupe scoops out an existing song that oscillates between swing and tango, blues and ballad.
Both the accordionist Oleg Lips and the balalaika player Alexander Ionov studied music in St.Petersburg and Moscow. When Ionov occasionally exchanges his balalaika for a man-sized bass balalaika and Lukas Heuss reaches for his almost man-sized contraal clarinet, both show that they master these instruments as well.
Under the name "Totschna" the three have been making music together with the singer Sibylle Aeberli since 2006 and have played numerous cabaret performances throughout Switzerland on the boards of various stages. Well-known programmes are "Überegratus", "Suworow: Marsch", "Totschna goes Odessa", "Liebe Liäbi, Ljubov", which show the connection between Russian and Swiss folk music, cheeky and newly interpreted.
The trio "Trojka" - without the singer - are now a bit more "Russian", altough both Russians have been living in Switzerland for a long time. One can expect a creative "fusion" of these two musical worlds, interpreted by very experienced musicians.

Alexander Ionov: BalalaikaS Lukas Heuss: Saxophon / Klarinette Oleg Lips-Roumiantsev: Akkordeon




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