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Article - TASTENTAGE KLOSTERS - Osterkonzerte online verfügbar

Wed 07.04.2021 | 18:00 - Thu.07.2021 | 00:55

Kulturschuppen Klosters

Listen to all the concerts from Easter Sunday 
The first part of the TASTENTAGE 2021 edition went over the Kulturschuppen stage on Easter Sunday with three concerts that found their way to the audience as live streams.
There were moving moments in the Kulturschuppen, the musicians were delighted, the organisers too, as there were almost 600 views on Sunday alone (most of them probably not alone...) and by Tuesday evening a good 1200 - far more than our venues can offer.
Until further notice, the concerts are available online in full length here:
The programme was as follows (with direct links to the individual concerts):
Kanti-s-wings with Goran Kovačević and Andi Schnoz: Final workshop concert.
Concert link: www.artonair.tv/programs/tastentage-1
Goran Kovačević & Friends: "Appenzeller Balkanjazz Stubete".
Concert link: www.artonair.tv/programs/tastentage-2
Marc Perrenoud-Trio: Multilayered swinging
Concert link: www.artonair.tv/programs/tastentage-3 
Listening to the concerts is also free of charge.
If you like a concert, you are welcome to make an uncomplicated donation here: www.tastentage.ch/spenden .
Thank you very much - we appreciate every contribution.
Parts 2 and 3 of TASTENTAGE KLOSTERS 2021 will go over the various stages on two weekends in autumn - with the originally planned programme:
Friday, September 24 to Sunday, September 26.
Friday, 1 to Sunday, 3 October
Detailed info at www.tastentage.ch/programm


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