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Night of the Kings

Fabel von shakespearescher Schönheit

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Article - Night of the Kings

Wed 15.09.2021 | 20:00 - 22:00

Kulturschuppen Klosters

Abidjan, the largest city in the Ivory Coast. The street urchin Zama is sent to "La Maca", a prison in the middle of the forest, ruled by the inmates. As a newcomer, he must, according to tradition, tell stories for a whole night. But what should he tell?
Zama's character is borrowed from the Persian story of the Arabian Nights. Like Scheherazade, he must recite stories all night long in order not to be killed the next morning. A political fable of Shakespearean beauty.

Regie Philippe Lacôte
Mit: Denis Lavant, Issaka Sawadogo, Steve Tientcheu
Elfenbeinküste 2020, OV/df, ab 16J., 96 Min


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