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Frida und die Migrantinnen

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Article - Lesung Verena Hartmann

Thu 09.01.2020 | 20:00 - 22:00

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Reading in the municipal library

After her retirement Frida began to paint. She often paints outdoors, where she meets Sarah one day. The two women meet again and again. Little by little Frida learns that Sarah comes from Egypt and now lives together with her Syrian husband in an asylum. Frida begins to teach them German.
Soon word gets around. Hana, Mahtab, Araya and Cennet are other students. After class, the women often talk about the past and let Frida immerse herself in a world unknown to her. However, the migrant women also report on their daily difficulties - with the authorities, the school system, the search for work.
Their ideas about life in the new country and reality often diverge. Frida's husband Johannes has also just retired. They do not want to be able to create a common senior citizenship right away.
Sometimes things get out of hand for Frida. She takes time out, travels to her friend Carla in Denmark, is persuaded by her husband to come to Tenerife and walks with Carla for several days through Greenland's south. The uninhabited land they wander through is both fascinating and threatening for the two women. They learn to persevere and then look to the future more calmly.

Verena Hartmann-Roffler tells the haunting story of escape and arrival, of departure and a new beginning.

Verena Hartmann-Roffler


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