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Thu 28.12.2023 | 20:00 - 22:00

Ref. Kirche St.Jakob, Klosters

The Christmas concerts of the "ensemble le phénix" have already become tradition. The specialist Nadja Camichel from Bern is there. The string quartet is considered the classic chamber music par excellence. By replacing the first violin with a flute, the sound spectrum of string instruments expands by another dimension - Christmasstardust! Countless works were created for this attractive line-up during the classical period. We combine the know with the unknow and alongside one of the famous Mozart quartets, play works by two of his contemporaries from Italy: Luigi Boccherini and Maria Cambini. What both have in common is a whealth of unknown chamber music works that are definetly worth discovering!

Nadja Camichel, Traverso; Simone Gisinger-Hirn, Violine
Petra Belenta, Viola; Christine Meyer, Violoncello




Kulturgesellschaft Klosters

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