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Konzert mit David Helbock und Camille Bertault

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Article - Konzert mit David Helbock und Camille Bertault

Thu 29.12.2022 | 17:00 - 19:30

Kulturschuppen Klosters

The 32-year-old Austrian jazz pianist David Helbock belongs to the generation of young jazz musicians who are breaking the boundaries of their profession, radically changing the musical understanding of old and new, of composition and improvisation, of style and personality, and going their own way. Helbock is a native Austrian and one of the most fascinating pianists on the scene.
Camille Bertault is the new rising star of French vocal jazz with her unique art of vocalise, with which her voice carries the melody like an instrument, sometimes artistically and at breakneck speed, sometimes very softly and almost only breathed.
Both of them are among the most stunning, still young talents in European jazz music. Their musical journeys are always adventurous, playful and exciting. At first glance, two personalities that could not be more different. But the lively, humorous Bertault and the level-headed, self-contained Helbock only appear different on the outside, because musically they tick in the same way: both are unparalleled changeable and captivating storytellers with a deep sense for sound colours and a great desire to break the boundaries of their métier. Their new CD "Playground" presents a piano-singing duo of equal natures, opulent and versatile.

Camille Bertault: Stimme
David Helbock: Piano, Percussion, Live-looping, Effekte


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