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Kanti-s-wings mit Oleg Lips: Workshop-Abschlusskonzert

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Article - Kanti-s-wings mit Oleg Lips: Workshop-Abschlusskonzert

Mon 13.04.2020 | 16:00 - 18:00

Kulturschuppen Klosters

Final Workshop Concert<br>

The Kanti-s-wings are a formation at the Bündner Kantonsschule Plessur that rehearses every week under the direction of Andi Schnoz and in which all instruments including singing are welcome. For the first time there the seven musicians perform their repertoire at the Jazz World Festival Chur, at the BKS School Graduation, in the Workshop Chur, at company events and other events. The program focuses on jazz, pop, latin, musicals, etc.<br>

Each school year rehearsals and performances are held under a specific motto, be it style or music. In the last years these were Latin Jazz, Jamie Cullum, Stevie Wonder, Groove Jazz, Standards, Everysmiling Liberty (Gospel project with the kanti-chor chur) etc.<br>

On the TASTENTAGEN a workshop will run parallel to the concerts from Good Friday to Easter Monday, which will be led by a musician from the programme. This time it is the Russian accordionist Oleg Lips, who will perform with the formation &quot;Trojka"; on Friday evening and who has a long and impressive performance record.<br>

Participants of this workshop are also this time the Churer &quot;Kanti-s-wings";, which are re-formed every year. The results of the workshop lead to the TASTENTAGE final concert, which will be performed by the Kanti-s-wings together with Oleg Lips.

Marie Reyher, Gesang Luana Bertogg Keyboard Corsin Bertogg E-Gitarre Annouk Bircher, Trompete Jeremy Ambühl, Baritonsaxophon Momo Kawazoe, Drums Andi Schnoz E-Bass, Leader


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