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Ich bin dein Mensch

Tiefsinnige Komödie von Maria Schrader

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Fri 09.07.2021 | 20:30 - 22:35
Fri 30.07.2021 | 20:30 - 22:35

Kulturschuppen Klosters

He is attractive, charming and a good dancer, Alma's dating partner Tom. Couples chat in the atmospheric ambience, the atmosphere crackles. But Alma is not in the mood for romance. She asks Tom what the penultimate letter of Rilke's autumn poem is and what 3,587 x 982 / 731 equals - the correct answers follow immediately. On the dance floor at the latest, it becomes clear that Tom is not a human, but a humanoid robot; his system breaks down without further ado. Alma is a scientist at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. In order to receive research funding, she takes part in a study: she is to live for three weeks with Tom, who is programmed solely to make her happy and, with his artificial intelligence, to become a tailor-made life partner. And indeed, Alma's initial rejection begins to falter.

Multi-talented Maria Schrader brings Emma Braslavsky's short story of the same name to the big screen with plenty of irony and pointed dialogue. The result is a comedy that is as entertaining as it is profound, dealing with questions of love, longing and the human condition. The film premiered at the 2021 Berlinale and Maren Eggert won the Silver Bear for Best Actress. Alongside her, Dan Stevens and Sandra Hüller shine in this exquisite acting ensemble.

Regie: Maria Schrader
Mit: Maren Eggert, Dan Stevens, Sandra Hüller
D 2021, D, ab 12J, 105 Min


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