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I am Zlatan

Biopic über die Jugend des grössten Fussballers allen Zeiten

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Article - I am Zlatan

Wed 13.07.2022 | 20:00 - 22:00
Wed 27.07.2022 | 20:00 - 22:00

Kulturschuppen Klosters

The biopic depicts Zlatan Ibrahimovic growing up in a rough Swedish suburb. The son of immigrants from the Balkans, football was Zlatan's trigger. His remarkable talent and independence catapulted him against all odds to the top of international football, playing for clubs such as Ajax, Juventus, Inter, Milan, Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester U. The film gives a moving insight into his private and family life and his relationship with Rosengård, the Malmö suburb he will always call home. He has a relationship with his surroundings along the lines of "listen, but don't listen": take good advice, but never change who you are.

Regie: Jens Sjögren
Mit: Dominic Andersson Bajraktati, Granit Rushiti
SE/NL 2021, D, ab 10(12)J, 100 Min


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