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The Fabelmans

Meisterregisseur Steven Sielbergs wurzeln und persönlichster Film

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Fri 17.03.2023 | 20:30 - 23:20
Wed 29.03.2023 | 20:00 - 22:50

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Steven Spielberg's film THE FABELMANS is a deeply personal portrait of an American childhood and at the same time a cinematic homage to the (family) relationships that have shaped the filmmaker's life and career.
Sam Fabelman's passion is filmmaking - an interest that his art-loving mother Mitzi appreciates and encourages. Sam's father Burt, on the other hand, a successful engineer, approves of Sam's work but considers it nothing more than a hobby. But the fascination for moving pictures never lets go of young Sam. The up-and-coming director stages his sisters and friends in ever more elaborate film productions.

Regie: Steven Spielberg
Mit: Gabriel La Belle, Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen
USA 2022, E/df, ab 12J, 151 Min


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