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Die illegale Pfarrerin

Christina Caprez

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Article - Die illegale Pfarrerin

Thu 13.02.2020 | 20:00 - 22:00

Kulturschuppen Klosters

Christina Caprez reads from her book "Die illegale Pfarrerin", the life of Greti Caprez-Roffler, in the community library of Klosters.

On 13 September 1931, the mountain village of Furna in Graubünden did something that no community in Switzerland had ever dared to do before: It elects a woman as pastor. A scandal that makes headlines all the way to Germany, even the famous theologian Karl Barth interferes. Greti Caprez-Roffler is 25 years old, a new theologian and mother. She moves to the mountain village with her baby, her husband remains in Zurich as an engineer. The authorities confiscate the parish's assets, but the pastor continues to work for "God's reward".

After her death, the granddaughter follows in the footsteps of the first Swiss parish priest. She comes across the extraordinary story of emancipation of a woman who introduced ski pants for girls in the village and taught her sons how to knit. She inspired her husband to study theology and shared the parish office with him long before the term existed. She claimed what was unthinkable for many at the time: to pursue her vocation and be a mother, to live a happy love and a fulfilled sexuality. A woman with a great hunger for life, who challenged her contemporaries time and again with her firm will and her direct, decisive nature.


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