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David Helbocks «Random Control»: Kunterbuntes Meisterstück

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Article - David Helbocks «Random Control»: Kunterbuntes Meisterstück

Fri 10.04.2020 | 16:00 - 18:00

Kulturschuppen Klosters

The 32-year-old Austrian jazz pianist David Helbock belongs to the generation of young jazz musicians who break the boundaries of their profession, who radically change the musical understanding of old and new, of composition and improvisation, of style and personality and go their own way.

More than a dozen instruments in concert on stage, but only three musicians: David Helbock limits himself largely to those with keys, Johannes Bär is responsible for brass, but also for Digeridoo and Alphorn, while Andreas Broger plays the woodwind instruments to the point of percussion. For the CD "Tour D'Horizon", which was released by the renowned label ACT Music, David Helbock used his favourite jazz pianists and arranged their best known pieces. Exciting, groovy new versions of Watermelon Man (Herbie Hancock) or Bolivia (Cedar Walton), but also quiet pieces like My Song (Keith Jarrett) and many more can be heard.

Over the years, a completely independent band sound has developed and no matter what David Helbock chooses as the source material, a completely independent work of art full of contrasts always emerges, with a spiritual side and yet well grounded. The three of them develop something magical and thus confirm Helbock's credo: "Music begins where words end - a roller coaster ride of feelings, music for the ear and exciting for the eye.

David Helbock: p/electronics/melodica/perc Johannes Bär: tp/flh/sous/tuba/alphorn/beatbox/digeridoo/electronics/perc Andreas Broger: sax/cl/fl/flh/perc

"David Helbock is one of those young, open-minded pianists who feel very close to jazz and who know how to develop individuality out of their flexibility. Knowledge of tradition and the inclusion of electronic sound material as well as pop song material provide the framework for a pianistic handwriting in which jazzy modernity, including Thelonious Monk, play a role as well as less eccentric mainstream...".
Ljubiša Tošić, The Standard (AT), August 2016


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