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Pierre Monnards (Platzspitzbaby) neuer, eindrücklicher Film

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  • Drama

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Wed 06.03.2024 | 20:00 - 22:05
Wed 13.03.2024 | 20:00 - 22:05

Kulturschuppen Klosters

From PLATZSPITZBABY's successful director Pierre Monnard. Cattle farmer Steve spends most of his time working on the farm that his mother Mathilde had to take over after the death of his father and pursuing his great passion, traditional Swiss wrestling. But the continued existence of the indebted farm is in danger. The return of his eldest son Joël brings some balm to his mother's troubled soul. In order to find a way out of the financial misery, Joël proposes a deal to his younger brother: With the prize money from illegal and therefore highly paid fist fights in France, the bank loan could be paid off in a few months and the farm could be saved. After some initial hesitation, Steve allows himself to be persuaded...

Regie: Pierre Monnard
Mit: Maxime Valvini, Karim Barras, India Hair
CH 2023, F/d, ab 14(16)J, 103 Min


Ohne Ermässigung:
CHF 16.- Sitzplatz unnummeriert

Gästekarte (Klosters, Davos):
CHF 15.- Sitzplatz unnummeriert

Mitglied (KgK/KPD/La Vouta):
CHF 14.- Sitzplatz unnummeriert

Kind (bis 18 J.):
CHF 14.- Sitzplatz unnummeriert

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